Project Details

  • Date april, 2017
  • Tags Oil & Gas

Project Description

The project consists of the installation of four new E-140 crude / pitch exchangers. Their objective is to increase the inlet temperature to furnace F-51 and eventually the operating temperature of desalter K-51. For this, these equipments will be able to operate both between the exchanger E-107 and K-51 (downstream of K-51) or between K-51 and E-108 (upstream of K-51).

  • Definition of the Assembly of the Exchangers ensuring sufficient considerations to interconnect it with the existing system.
  • Survey of the routes of the existing pipes on which the requested modifications will be made.
  • Detail Engineering; Design of the layout of the new pipes and reconstruction of the existing ones for the connection of the new equipment with the existing system.
  • Detail engineering; Calculation and Design of Foundations and Metallic Structures for the new exchangers and assembly of the pipe supports.
  • Installation of a new lighting and grounding circuit in the sector where the new exchangers will be mounted.