Project details

  • DATE July 7th, 2020
  • TAGS Oil&Gas

Project description

The project consists of the engineering analysis from the Processes discipline for a preflash column that had been revamped, in order to increase production.
A simulation and analysis of the process was carried out from which it was possible to:

  • Characterize the feed crude mix.
  • Perform a mass and energy balance centered on the preflash column.
  • Verify the hydraulic and thermal performance of the equipment involved.
  • Determine the pressure drop in the crude feed line.
With this information, changes were proposed to improve the operation of the column:
  • Eliminate the bottom horizontal kettle.
  • Place a vertical kettle prior to feeding the tower.
  • Modify the tower, increasing its diameter in the upper section.

After the process analysis, and to implement the proposed changes, the following was carried out:

  • The stress study in the crude feed line
  • The ID for the support of the new vertical kettle.