We provide services to engineering consulting firms and mechanical equipment manufacturers. Our goal is to satisfy all needs, through a fluid dialogue with customers and suppliers.


Our Services

We provide basic and detailed engineering services for industrial plants. Our goal is to satisfy all needs, through a fluid dialogue with customers and suppliers.


We provide engineering solutions to assist the industry

Industrial equipment

We design and supply equipment and packaging for the industry.


Industrial assembly service under strict conditions of excellence and quality.

Talent management

Specialized Human Resources solutions for each company.

Safety, effectiveness and efficiency

Understand the requirements and demands of the work assigned to us, executing it correctly from the first time in a safe, effective and efficient way.

Trained staff

Ensure that our staff is properly trained, motivated and maintains an innovative attitude, understands our work processes, identifies with them and is willing to continuously improve them.


Promote sustainable development through a responsible and respectful operation of the environment natural and the social environment.

Business Units


INGENERA is an engineering company with more than 10 years in the oil and gas market, and in power generation. Designs and develops engineering for process plants, surface installations and electricity generating plants for conventional and renewable energies.

Our philosophy based on the quality of engineering guarantees efficiency in the development of the work for projects that require control in the management of the budget. For this reason, man-hours planning and dedication in the cabinet developing quality engineering avoids rework and cost overruns on site. We bring a commitment to the environment and operational safety to all of our engineering projects.

We design and calculate process and packaging equipment for the oil, gas and energy industry. From our design and calculation process, we consider the best suppliers for each solution we provide, guaranteeing a price according to the client’s needs, and complying with the requirements and technical specifications.

We are able to select all the components of the supply, the design of the equipment or packaging as a whole, guaranteeing its operation and efficiency. We are third-party workshop integrators, and capable of providing the equipment mounted in the field, electrically connected to the plant, and with the instrumentation programmed to the required control.

Provision and assembly of equipment

Engineering simulation and 3D scanner

We have ANSYS software specialized for the simulation of physical phenomena, in process streams (CFD) and in structural components by finite elements.

To guarantee the operation and efficiency of the equipment developed, we use ANSYS software that allows us to visualize how the process or the structural component will behave by means of finite elements.

To develop 3D mock-up models, we used a FARO 3D scanner in the survey that allows generating a point cloud, which behaves like a 3D image and from it it is possible to survey between 2000 and 3000 m2 per day, depending on the density and plant complexity.

We provide for specialized firms, resources or personnel by administration. Which goes through a prior selection process and an analysis of the resource based on the need and requirement of the Client. We understand that each person can give the best in the position or position indicated, it is not a matter of only filling vacancies. The selected talent is adequate for the fulfillment of the company’s objectives.

Talent management

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